An Overview of Florida's Natural Water System

florida water systemFlorida and natural water go hand in hand, and it should be no surprise Florida has amazing natural water systems to keep everything crystal clear and beneficial to the environment and humans alike. What exactly is a natural water system in Florida, and how do they work? Here we will dig down deep enough to hit limestone to get to what keeps Florida's water so famously beautiful.

To start with the cut and dry definition, a natural water system is a big filter for the water supply. It takes rainwater/stormwater/other variations of natural water and filters it into something useful, like running water in a home or drinking water. It protects any bodies of freshwater in Florida, keeping them safe and clear of bacteria, amoebas, and the like. 

The Florida Aquifer is the most notable example of this since it covers the ENTIRE state of Florida. If you're reading this in Florida, you're standing right on top of it and don't even know it. It also branches into parts of Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Georgia. The Florida Aquifer consists of two main parts, the upper and lower aquifers. The upper aquifer gets the most action with water seeing as it gets ahold of it first. Groundwater makes its way through the highly permeable upper aquifer, and the thickness of this layer varies throughout the state. The lower aquifer is much less porous, and the water coming out of this layer can be very mineralized and salty due to saline. The high amount of springs located in Florida also helps with the intake of groundwater, taking the combination of carbonate rocks and sand, it forms massive reservoirs!

This system makes it so that over 10 million people can have clean and sustainable drinking water and not have to worry about getting ill because of their water intake. It's an incredibly important part of Florida's natural water systems and keeps Floridians and transplants alike safe and enjoying all the beautiful water Florida has to offer.



What is Water Dumping and Why Have We Done It Since Hurricane Irma

Friday, November 8, 2019

Water dumping isn't a pleasant thing, and it's something we've been dealing with in Florida for a while, mostly since Hurricane Irma. When Irma hit, it showed specific Floridians how weak the sewer systems are after years of abuse and hard weather thanks to hurricane after hurricane over the years. Because of the severity and pure size of Irma, it destroyed many sewage systems or at least damaged them to the point of panic. That panic being that this contaminated water was going to reach retention ponds and viable bodies of water is where water dumping comes in.


History of Lakes in Lake County

Monday, September 16, 2019

If you're lucky enough to live in central Florida, then you've more than likely heard of, or been through, Lake County. The name suits the county well as it is home to over 1,000 lakes, most of them being named. We're going to dive into the crisp, refreshing history of some of Lake County's more well-known bodies of water.


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